Does anyone get value from Katalon log error when testcase is failed

  • The error log of Katalon does not bring any value to the developer. It does not show what the problem is here. Just having only a line throw Exception name is helpful for debugging.

  • It seems Katalon is not stable. Recently days, I have been getting errors when executing test cases. in the morning it worked very well, in the afternoon, it failed with an error that I had never seen before. This error does not include any helpful information except Exception name of error. I don’t know what is Katalon. tool? framework? or what is this?

  • Katalon have supported a lot of platform such as Web, Mobile, Windows, … I don’t know about Web but with Windows. Katalon does not provide helpful functions to automate desktop applications. It seems they developed the Windows platform for fun.

  • Debugging of Katalon like a joke. Cannot execute a function or do something like that on the debugging section. Just print a variable value.


i hope this document will help you

One more thing to update. Sometimes, when running test case. It returns status DONE without any execution. Nothing is happening. Hahaha