Docker and Katalon Studio Test Suite pathing issues

I’ve seen a few topics related to the pathing issues of finding a test suite from a powershell/command script. Here is my one opened on stackoverflow

Any advice for running it from Windows to a Linux container?
Tried the code listed in this tutorial Katalon Studio running in an Docker container - YouTube
but unfortunately still getting pathing issues.

Some suggestions to use a DockerFile instead also as mentioned here - but not sure what to put into the ADD (

This is what my test suite structure looks like in katalon studio

So the following commands should work I think - but they still dont manage to find the test suite path

-testSuitePath="Test Suites/Fund Fact Details"


-testSuitePath="/katalon/katalon/source/Test Suites/Fund Fact Details"

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After much frustration - turns out the shell scripts and bat files were using the Project file in the bin folder. Once I deleted the bin folder it used the correct project in the root Katalon folder and Test Suite pathings were found :slight_smile: