Do action if object appears anywhere during the test


I am testing a web page that, after some minutes of being unused it shows a popup that after x time the logout will be made, if I want to accept or cancel.

It appears due to the machine we are using right now to execute the tests.
Is there any option to keep Katalon “seaching” for that object, that can appear “anytime” and click if it appears?


Maybe something like the below might work:

The idea is all your “click” statements would go through the Custom Keyword you make to determine if something interferes with it. If there was no pop-up, the click statement would work like normal. If there was a pop-up, you have a try/catch block to react to perhaps some text on the pop-up and deal with it as you want.
So, instead of
you would go

No. There isn’t any.

But you can repeat calling “WebUI.verifyXXXPresent” with short timeout for ALL screen you are interested in.