Determine last line of a csv file (data driven)


I often use the data driven option in katalon recorder. Thanks for this great functionality!

I have one problem often my csv file contains more than 100 lines … and while the tests are runnig i don’t know at which position (csv line!) the test is … thats why i implemented a counter
storeEval / ${counter} + 1 / counter

This works very good, but often i dont know how many lines are in my csv file … is there a solution to determine the last line of a csv file?

I don’t want to know the value of the last line, I just want to know that the csv file has 103 lines …

than i can make my counter better, like
echo / ${counter} / ${csvlines} /

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Thank you for your suggestion! Currently KR lacks a command to do that, but I think it’s a reasonable request. I’ll add it to the backlog and inform you when there’s anything new!

Thanks for this new function.

Can we also Update the Information in the Reference Tab?


Hi, yes we’ll update that soon. In the mean time there’s a sample project that you can add to see how it works (Help > Sample Projects > Read and use values from a CSV file)

Also, is it working well for you?

Its working very well! Thank you!