Desired Capabilities are not being considered for maximizing window


I have configured katalon for chrome desired capabilities and it is not working. This is required since my tests are failing on VM running through Jenkins. It seems WebUI.maximizeWindow() is not working on VM. It works on VM when I keep the VM open through RDC.

Katalon Version : 7.1.2
Chrome - 80.0.3987.149

Attaching the screenshot of my setting for Desired Capabilities.

If anyone has faced same issue then please suggest if its an issue with KS or Im configuring it wrong.


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Though I don’t think this will make a difference, mine is configured without the leading dashes, i.e.


instead of


Hi @Brandon_Hein,

Yes that is not making any difference. Do you think any other setting I have to do to get this working?


Did you get this working using the start-maximized?