Debug is not working as expected when we have duplicate TestcaseName in an created Project

Here we are facing problem while executing Duplicate TestCase .

Please find the below description.

1.We have an same TestcaseName in Different folders


Test case Path1: Test Cases/HelpDesk/Master/Positive/VisaType/VisaType
Test case Path2: Test Cases/HelpDesk/Master/Negative/VisaType/VisaType

2.Here we have created Two separate folders as Negative and Positive – from both the folders we have an Test case file Name as’ VisaType’ .

3.We have only placed Debug pointer in VisaType Testcase which is present under the Positive folder also we have added only the ‘VisaType’ Testcase file from Positive folder in Test Suite.

4.From Test suite if we proceed to click Debug icon , the Testcase get redirected to ‘VisaType’ which is present under Negative Folder.

·5.The Actual Debug pointer should be located in selected file location in the Test Suite

FYR, please find the attached images in order:

1.Set Debug point on :Test Cases/HelpDesk/Master/Positive/VisaType/VisaType  (Line Number:114 in the VisaType)

2.Test Suite- In the Test suite we have selected Testcase as
"Test Cases/HelpDesk/Master/Positive/VisaType/VisaType "

  1.  Debugging process started - Actually the debugger position should be pointed to the positive test case (Test Cases/HelpDesk/Master/Positive/VisaType/VisaType) but unexpectedly it navigate to the negative test case (Test Cases/HelpDesk/Master/Negative/VisaType/VisaType )

Thank you for the report. @Loan_Tran please try reproducing it.

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