Date time picker selection

Hi, I’m not that much familiar with Katalon testing, kindly help me -

I’m not able to select a specific date and time from the date time picker. Check below image for more understanding.

You have 2 options:

1.) Use WebUI.setText() for the <input> element with which the date picker is associated. This is often best if you are not concerned with testing the widgetry of the date picker itself, and just want to set the field and move on.
2.) Work with the actual date picker, clicking the necessary buttons to get to the date you want. This is really only necessary if you are concerned with testing the date picker itself, which, more often than not, is outside the scope of automation testing, particularly if you are using a third-party implementation, and not an in-house, custom date picker.

If you can provide us with which route you’d like to take, we can show you how to do it.