Data Driven Testing Help with API

I am trying to call variables from an Excel sheet, I am having a challenge in calling the variable in my request my request looks something like this

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "utf-8"?>

There are three variables declared and all are in my Excel sheet as columns. In my console, I can see the variables being called, but on the .HAR file I see the below:

"postData" : {
      "mimeType" : "application/xml",
      "text" : "<?xml version= \"1.0\" encoding= \"utf-8\"?>\n<message>\n    <isomsg direction=\"request\">\n        <field id=\"66\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"24\" value=\"CC\" />\n        <field id=\"68\" value=\"Subscribed debit/credit Alerts charge entry SYBRIN832E9C83AC097\" />\n        <field id=\"69\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"49\" value=\"KES\" />\n        <field id=\"71\" value='\"'${amount}'\"' />\n        <field id=\"72\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"73\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"32\" value=\"ALERT\" />\n        <field id=\"98\" value=\"SUBSCRIBED_ALERTS\" />\n        <field id=\"11\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"12\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"56\" value=\"bcac5bdc-32fb-42df-8ddb-ce8f705ba8c5\" />\n        <field id=\"37\" value=\"EC100084077119\" />\n        <field id=\"38\" value=\"SYBRIN832E9C83AC097\" />\n        <field id=\"100\" value=\"MWALLET\" />\n        <field id=\"2\" value='\"'${phone_number}'\"' />\n        <field id=\"101\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"3\" value=\"350000\" />\n        <field id=\"102\" value='\"'${account}'\"' />\n        <field id=\"4\" value=\"0\" />\n        <field id=\"103\" value=\"\" />\n        <field id=\"7\" value=\"290565\" />\n        <field id=\"41\" value=\"FID00001\" />\n    </isomsg>\n</message>",
      "comment" : ""

The variables are not passed to the request, what am i doing wrong?

any assistance will be appreciated.

Could you show how you called the API?

I meant how do you call this request in test case? and how you passed the parameter from the excel file.

Please try,
<field id="71" value="${amount}"/>
and make sure value amount is declared in Variable tab