CVE documentation or lack there of

Trying to perform a security analysis of your tool and can not find if a dependency that you use has been re-mediated and when. Can someone provide some feedback to this?

CVE-2016-10628 Selenium-Server-Standalone (09/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10679 – Selenium-standalone-painful project (05/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10667 – Selenium-portal (11/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10589 – Selenium-Binaries (03/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10687 – windows-Selenium-chromedriver (11/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10651 -Selenium Webdriver launcher (12/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10559 – Selenium-download (05/07/2018)
CVE-2016-10611 – Selenium support for Strider (06/07/2018)

These all are unofficial selenium drivers and Katalon Studio has never ever used them. All of Selenium drivers of Katalon Studio are downloaded from the offical website: