Custom Remote Capabilities?



I am trying to set up my tests to use parallel execution on my Docker Grid remote. After searching around, I found this post:

I believe this will serve my purposes, but I am not sure of what the name and value for the remote web server URL is. Is this documented anywhere?


Hmm, I believe I found the property remoteWebDriverUrl but it did not seem to work. Additionally I cannot seem to create more than one Remote Desired Capability. So I am back to the drawing board of not being able to execute Parallel tests using different browsers (FF, Chrome, Edge, etc.) on my GRID…


Found a solution and posted an update to the documentation here:


I have trouble sending arguments to my selenium grid remote desired capabilities
the only thing I managed to send is broserName
all the rest of the arguments looks like it’s being ignored by katlaon sush as : headless, useAutomationExetion …

Has anyone managed to do it ?


Hi @ouassa.h,

If your are using Remote Desired Capabilities to run Chrome browsers, you need to add these options in “goog:chromeOptions” property.



Hi @duyluong
I tray to set [“useAutomationExtension”, false)”] but not sucess


Also I tried with firefox did not work the args headless


Hi @ouassa.h,

  • Chrome options:
    Please don’t put the useAutomationExtension option in args list, it should be outside.


  • Firefox options:
    The firefox options should be: moz:firefoxOptions, not foptions:FirefoxOptions



Thanks a lot @duyluong it’s working