Couldn't load the extension error message but driver versions match and have the compact utility extension

Hello to all Katalon members! Could you help me out here please? I have read many many threads on this issue but am still at a loss. I get this error message below but I checked my web driver version and my Edge browser version and they are the same Version 113.0.1774.35. I am using Katalon 8.6.0. I also check the folder of the error message it does exist/ the location is correct.

I also deleted the katalon application once and redownloaded it but still no luck. There was a forum where it was advised we download the extension “Katalon Compact Utility” which I downloaded but also this error message persists.

Thanks for any and all responses



I will ask my internal team and back to you soon.

Please follow this: Katalon Compact Utility for Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

Hi Elly,
Thank you for this link. I did this but now a different error shows “unknown error: Microsoft Edge failed to start: exited normally.”

Do you have any idea if this is common error after installing and using the compact utility?

Thank you again for all the help!

Just for your information, you are NOT using Katalon Recorder, but the Web Recorder of Katalon Studio. Katalon Recorder is another application entirely.

Check on the Console tab to see if your Web Driver is the correct version for Edge Chromium or just Edge, whichever one you are using. If it is not (yes I know you just did it for Edge Chromium, but look again), then try to update the driver via Tools > Update WebDriver (again or do it manually).