Could Katalon support @manual testing?

This is a duplicate of this topic but since it’s inactive, I prefer to recreate a new one.

What I mean by Manual Testing is, as HP-ALM test runner for example, can I run a test in manual mode and manually pass or fail a step, add a comment or screenshot etc. ?
I have some cucumber features annotated with a @manual and I keep them for graphic checks or complex tests.

Is it supported ? Is it possible to easily extend katalon to implement this feature ?


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Directly, out of the box? No.

Groovy code is essentially Java code. You could code this yourself but that would be a lot of work.

I’ll move this to the Suggestions category.

It would be as a plugin ?
Or directly in script mode by asking for user input ?

I’m very interested in this feature and I would like to try to implement it

That would be for the developers to decide.

That’s an implementation detail. I can imagine @manual being a “mode” which would need to be selected at Test Case startup (the current execution structure would need to be modified to support it). Then, I can imagine WebUI.manualAsk(“Prompt user”) type calls being made available.

But again, these are implementation details – pointless to discuss them at length.

This would be ideal!

If we can also do our manual testing without having to rely on Jira.

Running a test report for example could pop-up a window to step thru manual tests and allow them to mark each test as passed or failed as appropriate.

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Hi all,

I know that it’s been 3 years since this thread was made but I want to quickly check in with some updates.

First party Manual Testing support is definitely something we are interested in. We don’t want to publish a timeline yet, but internal discussions are ongoing!

Thank you @edward.davies for reminding us of the conversation.

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I replied but you may want to keep track here too

Thank you @anh.chu for sharing this with everyone!!!