Console mode execution problems

Test suites fail when running them in console mode, when running them normally, they pass without problems. Help,anyone?

The thing is, it doesn’t show any errors, it has difficulty in executing simple tasks (e.g. unable to click on element, verify element present, etc.), these tasks are easily executed in katalon (normal) mode…

This is the script-“C:\Users\Vlado\Desktop\Katalon_Studio Windows_64-4.6\katalon.exe”

-runMode=console -noExit -projectPath=“C:\Users\Vlado\Katalon Studio\eb\eb.prj” -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/EB Suite” -browserType=“Chrome”

Can I have which error messages are displayed when you execute?

do you have a solution? I have same problem now!

You need to pass in -consoleLog as well to display console mode execution logs. Actually your test execution is running but you can’t see any progress due to missing -consoleLog parameter, so please add it and try to run again

helps me to. Thank you