Connecting Katalonstudio to AWS RDS Database

From the below documentation, it is clear how to connect katalon studio to a database.

But My requirement is I need to connect Katalonstudip to Amazon AWS RDS database. I do have
host and port number for AWS RDS. But by following above documentation, I am unable to connect katalon studio to AWS RDS Database.

AWS RDS host is like below:

Please let me know what are the steps, including dependent files like jar etc… to connect to AWS RDS.


provided you are able to conect to the database with any other mysql client (and the rds it is trully mysql) the same you will do from katalon
so, try first to coonect from your pc using whatever client, e. g dbeaver.
after that you will figure it out


You can use the host name instead of IP address. For the port, please follow this document: