Conditional - IF...THEN

New to this so I am looking for a bit of guidance. I need my test case to look up the value of a specific cell in a table (Row 1, Column 5) to see if it contains a specific value, in this case, “Ann Visit”. If it is, then the checkbox in Row 1, Column 1 will get checked. If it is not then it will look up the next row, of the same column (Row 2, Column 5) and so on… I want it to keep going until the first “Ann Visit” is found and the box checked, then it can stop checking the following columns. Is this even possible?

I would also like to add that the entire page is JS. An image of the table I am working on is attached. Thanks in advance.

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes but…

Are you familiar with the JavaScript? Are you comfortable working in JS? If so…

By far your easiest route would be to code what you want in JavaScript (I would do that in a shot). You can run your JavaScript in a call to

WebUI.executeJavaScript(jsString, argsArray)

If not, well, you should study how to deal with Web Tables (as they’re called in the documentation).

Thank you for the quick reply. I’m actually fairly intimidated by JS. But the resource you provided is a big help.

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Remember to use Search up top. Plenty of questions/answers regarding HTML tables/grid.