Cloudflare now Blocks Katalon Studio on some sites

Cloudflare is now blocking Katalon on certain websites. I confirmed this with 3 browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Edge). I can write a simple test in Katalon that will open a URL on a site that is doing this. The Katalon controlled browser will instantly get stuck in an endless “Checking your browser before allowing you to access the site” loop from cloudfare. Katalon will never get past this part and you are denied access to the website. On the same computer, I can open the browser on its own and type in the same site URL, and it will open without a problem. Everything is 100% the same, same computer, same ip, same browser, same time, the only difference is one browser is opened through Katalon, and the other manually. Katalon will never access the website, I’ve tried for 4 hours.

That means some sites are now able to detect you’re using Katalon, and deny you access to the site as a result.

I’ve done research on this, it seems somewhat new, this page mentions cloudflare blocking you:

And there was talk about some of these settings on this thread here:

However nothing on either thread has worked on whatever they are doing now. If I use Katalon, doesn’t matter what my browser is, or my ip, or what computer I’m on, you cannot access the site. If I open the same browser, on the same pc, on the same IP, I can access the site without issue.

So based on the above threads, this code sets what they say would fix the problem:

System.setProperty(“”, DriverFactory.getChromeDriverPath())
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions()
options.setExperimentalOption(‘excludeSwitches’, [‘enable-automation’])
options.setExperimentalOption(‘useAutomationExtension’, false)
WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(options)

This doesn’t work, there is a new way that cloudflare is detecting Katalon usage, and when someone is using this feature, you can’t access the website.