Click one object from a result of 20 in native Katalon groovy script

I’m not sure if I’m having a syntax issue or if Katalon script can’t handle this, but I’m trying to click on the fifth instance of an object on the page. I have an object in my repository with an xpath to a general image div container. The images come and go and are reordered every 15 minutes or so. I just want to test the 5th, 10th and say the 18th instance of the object listed from the 20 results Katalon can find. I’ve tried several avenues and one sorta works:

new_franchise = WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(findTestObject(‘franchise’), ‘xpath’, ‘equals’, ‘//div[@class=“poster-view thumbnail”]’, true)‘Franchise’))

This finds all 20 instances of the div visible on screen and can click the first instance of the object, but when I try to add a predicator to the xpath for the 5th instance, Katalon can’t find the object. So:

‘xpath’, ‘equals’, ‘//div[@class=“poster-view thumbnail”][5]’, true)
‘xpath’, ‘equals’, ‘//div[@class=“poster-view thumbnail”][@xpath=“5”]’, true)
‘xpath’, ‘equals’, ‘//div[@class=“poster-view thumbnail” and xpath=“5”]’, true)

I just can’t tell if it’s a syntax issue. Any help would be appreciated.