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Hi all

I have a button on a web that has a dynamic id so the value is never the same and I can not use it to make Katalon Recorder

I hit the html to see what command, target and value to use to use the button

Thank you very much

in bold I write you the id dynamic part

Hi PaCabo
I guess you are trying to click or in another way manipulate the button.
You could find it by using css selector:

input[id^="wfm-dialog-"][href$="-foot-button-select"]and'Your object')  //or whatever action you need

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Sorry, the css selector for above should be:

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Thanks for your help but it´s my first day with Katalon

Yes, i’m trying to click the button but the solution that you give me does not work because, surely, I will not be writing it correctly

I have written in the field COMMAND “click”, in the TARGET field “input [id ^ =” wfm-dialog - “] [id $ =” - foot-button-select “]” and that of VALUE I left empty.

I execute this command only and it appears in the log:[error] Element input [id ^ = “wfm-dialog -”] [id $ = “- foot-button-select”] not found

I have the active window with the button so that the order can be executed

Please, could you explain step by step how do I have to do it? I am a newbie



Sorry, I only now saw you were using Katalon Recorder, and not Katalon Studio.
But, never mind. By the looks of it, I think you should be able to click that button, that is, if it is present in the page. Are you sure it is visible?

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Try entering this as the target:



Thank you very much now it is working !!!