Classpath problem on Mac

I have installed Katalon Studio 5.3.0 on Mac OS 10.13.2
I created a new sample project “Sample Web UI Testing Project”.
In the Tests Explorer, I opened up Common Test Cases and selected Login
I then clicked on the Run button.
The Job Progress showed a green check, and the “Log Viewer” is empty, Runs shows “0/1”
Clicking on the Console tab shows 14 “unable to resolve class” errors:














Clearly I am missing something in my setup.
Can you please assist me?

Thank you

I’m having the same problem on macOS and would love any help.

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Hello Eric. Are you using any sort of helper app for managing your Groovy install. I am using SDKman and I am wondering if this is part of the problem.
Unfortunately this issue has caused me to abandon Katalon despite its huge potential.

Not that I know of, unless homebrew or npm is involved? I’m considering abandoning too if I can’t develop locally but really don’t want to.

@kazurayam you seem to help out a lot on similar questions—any suggestions for how to fix a classpath problem with the default Katalon install on macOS?

I’ve tried:

  • Checking that I’m using the latest openjdk
  • Fresh install of Groovy
  • Fresh install of Appium and adding that to the preferences
  • Deleting Libs, bin, .classpath, .project then restarting Katalon and refreshing the proejct
  • Setting a project specific groovy compiler version
  • Checking the .classpath file has the correct path to Katalon (Application folder)

Are you sure you have deployed Katalon Studio in the Applications folder like this?

You seem to have a misunderstanding. The distributable file(*.zip on Windows, *.dmg on Mac) of Katalon Studio contains all of the dependencies (Java Runtime Environment, Groovy, Appium) bundled, and the katalon executable will run using the bundled ones. Katalon Studio can run without the Openjdk, Groovy and Appium which you have installed into you machine.

@kazurayam that was my assumption too, so please take the above as a sign of my desperation to try and figure out why something self-contained can’t link to the core class :slight_smile:

I’m at a total loss for what to try, short of nuking my entire OS and reinstalling.

Yep, it’s there.

Leave your OS as is. Remove the Katalon Studio and reinstall it.

Please find the .log file and look at it. There would be some information.

## Katalon Studio logs:

  • Windows logs folder:
    <dir where you deployed KS>\config\.metadata\.log
  • MacOS logs folder:
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I did that this morning and still getting the same errors with a fresh install of Katalon from — apologies for not including that.

Do you have any reason to use v5.3.0 — such old version?

How about trying v6.3.3 or v7.0.x?

@kazurayam I checked the log file and nothing there related to the groovy script popped out.

Could you attach .log file to share here?

katalon log file copy.log (203.9 KB)
@kazurayam log file attached

In the firs post you mentioned that you are trying to use v5.3.0.

But in the .log file, at the very first line, I found a line:


Which version are you really working on?

David posted a long time ago citing an older version. I’ve been using the latest—including a fresh install this morning—but have had this problem since whatever the latest release before the big 7.0 rollout was.

Ah, you are eric, not David. Sorry, I was confused.

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You said you have the same problem as David, but it is not clear for me what is your problem. Could you show the screenshot which presents Groovy compilation error?