Class file too large

I’m getting this error:

even when I removed every script and left only test cases and 1-2 custom keyword, why I am getting this kind of error ?

Stop KS, delete all binaries, restart KS. The following post may help.


I found that topic too, but it doesn’t helped me.

Also found this topic: this is what I’m looking for, but there’s no solution.

More information please.

In the “Console” tab, you can find console messages. Please copy full and paste it here.

Please share full lines of your test case code.

I have two test cases. Both contains only: println(“TEST”)

I’ve checked the console log. Look what I found. When I run the test suite in console it runs fast as it should be, but in log viewer shows steps very slow and very late. I can also share some video for more clearence

Uninstall KS, and reinstall it. This is the last thing I can think of.

Does KS have installation ? I only downloaded .rar file and extracted.

What is .rar file? I do not know it. Where did you get it? Are you on Windows? Mac? Linux? or anything else?

.rar file and extracted.

I can not imagine what you did.

I’m on Windows. I’ve resolved this problem, reinstalled KS, removed bin, lib, class path and project, now Test Suite works well ! Thanks for helping me !