Chrome vs Internet explorer

Hi all,

When I am writing some codes on Katalon Studio, it is working well, there is no something wrong. But imagine there is a text box and I want to send some text to text box. I wrote text “English”. And I saw in Google Chrome it written “English” it is fine for now. But when I run same code in Internet Explorer , text sent to text box but it was “Englısh” . What was the different any idea? (p.s : I am using Turkish keyboard)

Also when I send " @@@ " to textbox it is writing in chrome correctly but in explorer it is writing " qqq "

Hi there …

There are two inbuilt keysword available in Katalon to handle text box.

Please try both of them and see which works best for you.

WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘Your_OR’), ‘TESTING @ SEND KEYS’)

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Your_OR’), ‘TESTING @ SET TEXT’)

I tried it but there is no change