Choosing values for Checkbox from Excel

Hi All,

I have an checkbox in UI (attached image) and my excel data is as below.

First Name

I want to select the checkbox values in the UI whose values are available in excel. Can someone help how to implement this?

My current code is :(Doesn’t work)
TestData exceldata = findTestData(‘Data Files/TableFieldNames’)
System.out.println(" Row count is: " +exceldata.getRowNumbers())
for(int i=1;i<=exceldata.getRowNumbers();i++)

//‘Object Repository/Page-mywebpage-ListView/popupbox’),exceldata.getvalue(1,1))

WebUI.selectOptionByValue(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page-mywebpage-ListView/popupbox’),exceldata.getvalue(“FieldHeading”,i))
Xpath value is : //div[@id=‘divFieldList’]//label[@class=‘ng-b’][contains(text(),‘’)]


I have similar issue - have you manage to resolve the issue with Katalon? Yes, can you share your solution here.

However, personally from my finds it seem Katalon can not handle elements such as checkbox, radio button, calendar (date) etc; by getting value from Excel into those elements.

Just a suggestion, you could set your Excel to indicate a checkbox, radio button, etc setting, either as a number or word that indicates ON, or OFF. Check the below question where the similar issue has been asked:

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