Chinese users cannot download the latest version of Google directly

Hello, developer, I recently started to use this tool to realize automatic testing, but I found that Chinese users can’t download the latest version of Google directly, because Google search is forbidden in China, can I change the download channel

you can try to use a VPN service.
i have no idea how else it is possible to reach google store from behind the ‘great firewall’
or use Katalon Studio instead of the browser app.

or … @devalex88 any idea if this app can be downloaded directly from a place git and after manually installed?

@1968693027 the releases for katalon-recorder seems to be here, but i am not sure how can be installed manually:

In, they wrote “Works in China”. But I am not sure if @1968693027 in China can reach to ExpressVPN or not.

with the GFW may be tricky.
been there.
the only solution working for me at that time was to set an socket5 proxy in firefox through an ssh server which by luck was hosted at my home town, and convince also firefox to send DNS requests through the tunnel.
after that i was able to do more research to grab the tools needed.
of-course such solution will not work straight with the chrome browser

The restrictions they put in place are really impressive from a technical point of view.

Not long ago, I found a third-party download channel,