Change Keyboard language through katalon studio

I’m trying to change keyboard language from english to russian so I can type russian words but I didn’t find anything in Katalon about this. is this possible ? how ?

Controlling the keyboard layout is a task done by Operating Systems like Windows10 or mac OSX.

Applications don’t do it usually. Katalon Studio does not have any feature to control the keyboard layout.

but when i switch keyboard language to Russian manually it returns to English when i run the test

I do not see what you mean.
Any screenshot?

I don’t know how you will understand the issue from a screenshot. To be clear: I switched the keyboard from english to Russian using alt + shift (windows shortcut). When I run the test again katalon switch the language to english.

Just I thought, you can try to let your test case script to type Alt + Shift by a code like this:

WebUI.setText(findTestObject('foo'),  Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, Keys.ALT))

This may turn your language back?

unfortunately , not worked .

is there a way to force the input field accept the word without change keyboard language. I mean I can copy and paste the word is there something to copy and past a word (sendkeys not working in my case)