Capture chrome console logs and network when i run my test suite and validate downloaded excel sheet

Actually im working on some project and developers are asking me to check console every now and then to verify whether is their any Js error or any error in console or network tab
1.How can i capture chrome console logs/Network while running test suite and print it in reports or any possible way to capture at least.
2.How can i validate excel sheet from katalon studio
example - when i run my test suite it will download multiple reports from web page and once test suite is completed i need to manually check all downloaded files
Is their any way to validate the download excel with expected excel which i have already in my machine. So i can quickly compare expected file with my download file

Thanks in advance


I do not think there is any quick and easy way to compare 2 excel files built-in Katalon Studio.

Possibly you should forget Katalon Studio, and make search in Google for “compare 2 Excel files”. You will find some informative resources. If you find some favourable method of comparison, then you can start investigating how to automate it in Katalon Studio.

A similar discussion is here.

If you want to compare 2 text files (not Excel), then the following post shows how to do it.

If you can transform your Excel files into CSV files, then the above method would be applicable.

@kazurayam Thanks will try

@kazurayam Thanks will try

I used your sample code but how can i capture console log when button is clicked or when i visit some tabs on webpage
Facing lot of difficulties as i am not from programming background
Ex:- In login page their will be Login button so when i click on button if there are any error or warning that should be captured in katalon console log

If you have any sample code for this please share
It will help me a lot


I do not see what “console log” you mean. Can you take any screenshot of what you want to capture?

Is the URL of your target web app publicly accessible via Internet? Or is it a private one?

If it is a private one, it would be difficult to provide you any sample code satisfactory for you. All I can show to you is this: How to make Katalon Test Case listen to Javascript console.log() from Chrome