Captcha required error while activation Katalon 7.2.1 and 7.2.6 and logging in to analytics


I am having trouble logging in / activating KS. Everytime i open KS7 it asks me to activate and login but i get the ‘too many login attempts’ error. so i go to and login with the captcha and try again.

same thing happens.

every time i log out of analytics and log back in i get the ‘Too many failed login attempts. Please visit to unlock the CAPTCHA and then try again.’ message.

i still cant get in to KS

can some one help me please.

Same issue for me, I am unable to login after changing the password
with same error mentioned above
Please help
@ThanhTo @helpdesk


Please try to make sure that you don’t copy and paste from text editors that would carry over special characters. I recommend pasting the password into the URL bar and then copy it into the password input. Please provide me with a screenshot if that doesn’t work.

@ThanhTo Still the same issue

in the screenshot above(, if you click on check box “I’m not a robot”, that will resolve the issue.

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