Captcha in web automation

Is there a way out to automate captcha in website testing , (except disable captcha code) . Thank you

I feel like you have definately missed the point of what Captcha is - If you were able to automate Captcha then its a very poor implementation :rofl:

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@hpulsford lol :joy:

but if it is a text captcha… can get the text of Captcha using getText() when the page or form loads …save it is a local variable and pass the same variable in the captcha field.

If image captcha, it would be impossible.

It very much depends on what captcha you use - the majority arent elements that contain text they are just images with text printed on so there is no way to, as you said -

Captchas are built for the exact reason to prevent this. If you are some how able to automate your captcha please use a different one :joy:

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@satwik.subraveti , its a picture /image captcha …any way thanks for the info .

@hpulsford , thanks for the update

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