Can't Run Test Suite Error Failed connecting to tab web socket.

Hi. I wonder what’s wrong with this. So I’m gonna run a test suite containing test case of login as 1st test case, search customer as 2nd tst case and input customer as 3rd test case. Both 2nd and 3rd test case are continuously process of 1st test case which is login.
But when I run the test suite, the 2nd test case is skipped and error Failed connecting to tab web socket. appeared. Can somebody help me with this? I can’t found the solution. Thank you


I only found this reference: Katalon Help Center. Try this out and let me know if it does not work.

I’m seeing a similar issue. It looks like there has been some breaking changes to the CDT Protocols and the CDTUtils plugin may need an update. Here is another post for a different library that is seeing the same problem that I have (Cookies Node – Execute failed: Failed connecting to tab web socket - #5 by qqilihq - Palladian & Selenium - KNIME Community Forum).

Is there any way to contact the creator of CDPUtils to get an update @Elly_Tran?


After asking my team, I know that Katalon has not supported Web socket officially. Most users use custom script of plugin in Katalon Store written by other people to run their cases. I might be able to suggest this plugin WebSocketConnect but not sure this can help. Thank you!

Hi, @Elly_Tran .

I’m having the same issue while trying to run Test Suites locally on Windows and Mac.There is no problem while running single tests.

Adding the --no-sandbox into the Project → Settings → Desired Capabilities → WebUI → Chrome (as per Katalon Help Center) didn’t help.