Can't open test reports



I haven’t been able to open my test reports today.

I double click on the test under “Test explorer” and the tab won’t display.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Version 6.3.1 No test reports history anymore
Katalon: No Reports folder under Test Listener

@cwilliams At v6.3.0 and 6.3.1, Katalon Studio will allow Test Reports to be viewed directly in Test Suite and Test Suite Collection Views in Result Tab. See Test Suite Report or Test Suite Collection Report.
Refer this link below:

Version 6.3.2 Does not create a Reports Folder
Reports Folder is missing on new Version 6.3.2

How will i be able to export it as html. If this allows to only view. Can you please provide the details.


@harshithasreenivas00 please install report plugin ( -> execute test suite -> refresh test suite -> open Result tab at Test suite -> See the dropdown for export report