Can't find element in video preroll object


I have a problem with locating element inside video preroll

WebUI.verifyElementClickable(findTestObject(‘playbutton’))‘playbutton’))‘preroll_advertisement’)) → on this step test failed

VideoPlayer vast with class inactive/active user action
I try with clickAndHold, but didnt working, driver cant do a click,
because not find //a[@class='vast-blocker]

What I need to do to find preroll, click on it and use another buttons like skip etc.?
Some HTML of it:

Try WebUI.enhancedClick()

This is not working too

Is the video element inside an <iframe> element?

No, seems like a specific element, which be visible in DOM after video preroll launch

Everytime: chrome not reachable. Unable to click on Object

To help you better, I’d need to see this video control in use somewhere. Is it a public site?

this video on private server, opens only with local vpn… Dont know how to share it

I took this from your screenshot:

Do that again in the browser. Go to the CONSOLE tab in DevTools - make sure you can see == $0

In the console, type this:


If that doesn’t work, you might be dealing with the wrong element.

After type $ video was unpaused, but preroll advertisemet did not open

Katalon Error:

Unable to find the element located by ‘By.xpath: //a[@class=‘vast-blocker’]’. Please recheck the objects properties to make sure the desired element is located.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

I’m trying to click on preroll advertisement after pressing PLAY button

Hi @a.polovinkin

Can you record your website during the test and share it with us?

Here link with site and elements inside

what I need to do? help me please

That’s all?


The video has been deleted. Can you open Katalon Recorder, go to the page and click on the element then press Verify And Highlight and share the result?

Trying to run this case, but doesnt work, coz vast-blocker/a is not reachable

Finally, what I need to do for successful testrun?

Somebody can help me? I share all the stuff that you ask