Can't find context menu items - desktop application

Hello all,

I am having a difficult time finding an object to be able to click on. It is a context menu that comes up after right-clicking on another item. I have tried so many things at this point I have tied my brain in a knot…

Hopefully the screen shot shows up in the attached. I am unable to take a screen shot of just the specific window because as soon as I hit Alt, the context menu disappears so but I am able to do a Ctrl-PrntScrn.

I can get to the item that I right click on with the following xpath:

No matter how I try to get to an item in the context menu, there is nothing found. I grabbed another machine so I can do a remote spy and when the context menu comes up and I refresh the screen on my remote machine used for spying, there is nothing that is referenceable for the context menu of “import,Search Documents…,Refresh,New,Search WorkSpaces”. It is like it doesn’t exist.

There is so much information here I don’t want to keep typing because most of it is likely useless, but it is like the context menu just can’t be found by Katalon.

I have tried other inspect tools and I am unable to match anything up with what I have Katalon using to get to other items in my GUI.