Cannot start spy on android 6

I want to do mobile testing on Android versions 5 and 6, when I want to start Spy on Android 6 I get an error like in the picture.
with detail
Katalon- 8.5.5
Appium - 1.22.3

Is there any input regarding this error?

@crismon.manalu Personally I have not tried to use the object spy on the android versions that old but I think it should work. Does it work for you on android 5 and just fail when you try on android 6 or does it not work for either? Also can you share the desired capabilities that you are using?

thankyou for the response
I haven’t tried Android 5 yet, but based on Katalon’s documentation, for Android that can be supported, it’s at least Android 6. But when I try Android 6, the incident appears as I reported