Cannot open Katalon Studio on Catalina

I have followed the instructions about System Preferences, Security & Privacy etc, getting message “the software needs to be updated” etc, am now getting “An error has occurred.” - See the log file


Hi. Where is the log file ? It seems like it wasn’t uploaded.

I was hoping someone might know the answer without me having to find it on the Mac. I’m not a regular Mac user and don’t even know how to navigate down to the path under \users the message indicates so I can find the log file. Despite Macs being supposed to be easy to use, I find them very unintuitive!

I Googled it and have navigated down to Library but there isn’t even a Users folder

I found the users folder by invoking an obscure incantation of command keys but now there is no .eclipse subfolder

1588683032148.log (4.0 KB)

Apparently “the platform metadata could not be written” - looks like a bug with the installer?


Please put Katalon Studio to the Applications folder and follow this doc: