Cancel is clicked in Controlled by software mode


I start a browser with spy mode.
I clicked a button of javascript. It’s a “window.confirm” for popup alert.

I realized that it was clicked cancel automatically in “Controlled by software” mode.
I confirmed this event with Chrome and Firefox in controlled by software mode.
It does not happen in Nomal mode and Secret mode.

I know I should use “Accept Alert” to click OK in automation test.
But, the alert is disappeared before “Accept Alert” and it was canceled.

I’m not sure, but I think this is a problem of browser or javascript(window.confirm).
Does Katalon have any workaround ?

I attached a gif file for demo.

Katalon Studio 7.5.5

Immediately after the action that causes the alert to appear, you MUST perform an action that deals with the alert.

If you do anything else (involving WebDriver, I believe) then WebDriver will handle the alert itself and issue an error.


Hi @Russ_Thomas, This behavior is specific to Katalon.

When I try the same scenario in Selenium, the Javascript alert popup doesn’t auto close.
@devalex88; @kazurayam