Can we run mobile testcase on local emulator(ex:NOX , bluestack)

Is it possible to run mobile testcase on android emulator local, like NOX or bluestack or other AVD ?


Yes you can

@Vinh Nguyen how to do that ? I need to run mobile app test on emulator but i don’t know how to setup it on katalon, is there any docs i can refer ?

No you just need to start your emulators and Katalon Studio will detect them like the real device. There are no extra configurations needed besides the configuration guide in our official documentations

I’m using NOX but it’s not detected


How about BlueStacks?

Using bluestacks, same it’s not detected

I would be interested too in running tests on emulateur. So I am looking forward to your answers, KMS guy.

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Didit Setiawan said:

Using bluestacks, same it’s not detected

I think kms guys have to integrate katalon with those emulator, we currently still waiting for the next development.

Didit Setiawan said:

I’m using NOX but it’s not detected

are you already try to turn on developer options in your emu?
and make sure usb debugging is turned on.

Hello, I’m facing the same issue with bluestack

Bluestack version :

Appium version : v1.8.1

Need help here


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i have the same problem too
my katalon can’t detected nox in local device
katalon version : 5.10
appium : 1.8.0
nox : 6.2.8

what should i do?
thank you very much

Having the same issue, using Katalon 6.2.2 . Any news about this ?

i have try using nox and genymotion. and then the emulator only detect when create test case, but when running its not found. can u share the tutorial?

This is fixed for me… Im using two emulators Bluestacks and Android Studio.

If you are using Bluestacks as emulator, first of all enable the Android Debug Bridge.
Go to Bluestacks -> Preferences -> navigate to Preferences tab -> Enable Android Debug Bridge.
Now bluestacks is running on localhost:5555.
Go to terminal and run the command “adb connect localhost:5555”.

Now katalon studio should detect your bluestack device.

@niranjan.soni, im having the same problem with Bluestacks (after enabled Android Debug Bridge), when i try execute this command, the following error is present:
adb connect localhost:5555 ==>


Hope someone can help! Here my system info ==>

  • Appium version: 1.19.0
  • Katalon version: 7.8.0
  • Build info: version: ‘3.141.59’,
  • revision: ‘e82be7d358’,
  • time: ‘2018-11-14T08:25:53’
  • System info: ‘Windows 10’,
  • os.arch: ‘amd64’,
  • os.version: ‘10.0’,
  • java.version: ‘1.8.0_181’