Can’t get text from View

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I’m trying to get the text of a View with the getText() method. I’m referring to this documentation :

But Katalon isn’t able to retrieve any text from my object. Is it because it’s not a TextView object?

Thank you for you answer.

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How about using ‘name’, ‘label’ or ‘attribute’ input in ‘Get Attribute’ keyword ? Do you have a picture showing your test object details?


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Thank you for you answer… but it doesn’t work. When I retrieve the “text” attribute, it just prints me an empty string. And the “value” attribute prints “null”…

Hi there,

How about using ‘Get Attribute’ keyword and pass in ‘text’ or ‘value’ as input’s attribute?
Mobile.getAttribute(findTestObject(``'Application/android.widget.TextView - App'``), 'text'``, 5``)