Can not save entity: file path length limit exceeds (345/255)

I am recording webpage for testing, I just got an error message “Can not save entity: file path length limit exceeds (345/255)” you should shorten the name and try again.

How to fix it

On Windows, there is a restriction on the maximum length of a file path: MAX_PATH. Katalon is saying it’s set to 255 (which is not quite correct, but pretty close).

Your task now is to move your project to a location on on your hard disk close to the root of the drive. Something like:

C:\katalon_projects\my_project\ ...

This was slated to be fixed in Windows 10 (but I’ve seen no evidence that that ever happened).

I have experienced a similar problem. Have a look at the following post.

I think you should look at your Object Repository. There would be one or more Test Objects which have very long name (345 characters). The name was generated by Web Recorder. You can change (shorten) the name as you want. Easy to fix.


This was Super frustrating for me to run into this situation. But finally figured the solution.

Solution was easy. It has to do with your Object Names. Look in my screen shot below. So make sure, your object name does not have all that extra text after it’s name. For example: div_Locked, and then it has extra text after this in my screen shot. So get rid of all of that text from each object name, and you should be good to go. Let me know if that works for you.


@YoungNgo, @devalex88,

I think that this is a problem of Web Recorder that it generates a Test Object with very long name exceeding file path length limit (255). It should be fixed.

Possibly replacing sequences of whitespace characters by a single space would make it better. For example,

I          don't                 know                           why                  this               name              is                                 so                                                                                              looooooong


I don't know why this name is so looooooong

c/c @ThanhTo

Facing the same issue, can i have any permanent and reliable solution for this ?

Hey, i got the solution , we can rename the object so put the name you want to so there the name will be shorten and it is workable and good also , as the object property is same it only renamed the object :slight_smile:

Yes, Shorten name it is workable, Thnks

yes. It worked for me too. Thanks for the support

This is EXACTLY what it was! A bunch of extra space! @Katalon_team maybe add an ellipsis at the end of textboxes that have more information than visible for cases like these? …

Hi all,

Please update to v7.0.3, the lengthy object name will be shorten.


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I am using V7.7.2 and this issue is still present. I think the lengthy object name should be shortened Automatically.

Please fix this.


Katalon Team would require you to share your problematic “lengthy object name”.