Can Katalon interact/record Java Client applications?

Hi all!

I’m currently a beginner and use Katalon for simple Web UI testing/config automation that is all done through the web browser (and it works great!).

But, I was wondering if I could also use Katalon to automate some of our initial server build process which includes configuring BIOS, RAID, selecting boot/build option. I thought Katalon might be able to interact with the KVM via the windows desktop client or Java client, or either KVM or IPMI/BMC through the web browser (HTML5). But it seems Katalon may not be able to interact with these applications/consoles/canvas.

I’ve been able to use to start/open the windows desktop client for example, but it doesn’t seem to record any of the actions. I’ve tried to open the JarClient but get “the specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform” error.

Can anyone confirm if Katalon is able to interact with/record any of these sessions/applications or if there is any workaround? Would like to know if this is worth troubleshooting any further or if there is another tool that is better for this type of thing.

Much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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