Can I export the time of a test step execution?

Hey All,
I’m trying to gather some data for some of my test execution run. There’s a few skilled folks in here and hopefully someone has an answer.

Is there a way I can get capture these “time” every time the test step is run and be able to export it into csv, pdf or batch file.


Will you be happy if you get the current timestamp when a specific test step ran? — Possibly not. Then what do you want to know? You should describe what you want more specifically.

You should expose the source code of your test case if possible. You can insert some lines of pseudo code and say “do this, and do that”.

Within my version of KS, there is a CSV report that already exists with the field, Duration. The report is within the project Reports folder.

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I’m basically trying to “mimic” performance test and collect the time measurements - as in, run the same step in a test case repeating it for an hour or 2- and collect that “test execution” time for the loadPage or jquery load so I can aggregate those results.

i.e. - as in the picture above - i’ll have the test refresh the page and either do a waitforJquery or waitforPageLoad - and need an automated way or at least some way to get those “time”/data in a csv file to aggregate it.

does that make sense?

Hmm… this may be pretty close to what I need… but not exactly. This will require manual work for me to collect that time stamp and put it into a spreadsheet. I’m trying to accomplish that automated. I’ll wait for response from others to see if they can provide the method I’m trying to accomplish.

I think, the time of a test step execution is already exported in the execution0.log file.

Please have a look at my previous post:

Under the <projectDir>/Reports/yyyyMMdd_hhmmss/<TestSuiteName>/yyyyMMdd_hhmmss folder, you will find execution0.log file. In the file Katalon Studio stores all of the detail information about how your test was executed.

You need to develop a code which digests the execution0.log file and generate output in the format you like. There is no “out of box solution” for you.

By the way @grylion54 advised you that you can find a file yyyyMMdd_hhmmss.csv file. It is the artifact compiled by the Basic Report plugin out of the execution0.log file. You can use the csv file as is, but you would have no chance to “customize” it.