Can I change the original environment type selected?

Hi all,

I was just wondering if there was anyway to change the environment I originally selected.

When I created my project I set the project type to “API/Web Service.” I would like to alter it now to “Web.”

Is this possible? I have tried going into the .prj file and changing the type, but it just created errors in my program and I had to revert it back.

Thank you!

I think that editing the .prj file is not harmful. I tried reproducing it. In one of my project, I changed the .prj file: WEBSERVICE -> WEBUI. Then I executed test cases and did not encounter any errors.

What error have you got?

I ended up just creating a new project and copying the files over manually. I was not getting an error code, however Katalon would just freeze whenever I tried to open the project after changing the .prj file.

I closed this as the he managed his problem.