Can any one share a sample selenium+Katlon Framework?

can any one share a sample selenium+Katlon Framework?
I am new to katalon and want to automate web application with selenium webdriver.
A link to git repo will work, Thanks.

katalon runs webdriver as part of its integrated framework. install katalon and try it , its painless. you have an option to click and record like selenium IDE. If you get it to do something simple first time and then check the script you will get a bettter idea. You can then work your way through the tutorials using the script you created to learn but it is dead easy…

Katalon Studio has provided some Sample Projects for various Application Under Test (Web, API, Mobile, and so on).
What we need to do is downloading Katalon Studio, simply register with an email, and then get the access to Sample Project with 1 click.


Hi Umesh, even I am searching for it but its not available anywhere. I suppose we need to build it on our own.

What are you looking for, Prashant?

Hi… I want to automate my application through katalon. can you provide some guidance to create framework.

You can start using Katalon Studio with tutorials at I think they are very helpful to you. Besides the tutorials, there are a few sample projects at Katalon Studio help pages covering: Web UI Tests, API Tests, Mobile Tests and other interesting setups.