Call Test Case with a partial ID?

Is there an overload for calling a test case by a partial id, or do you have to know the full name? Example for test case “01. Test case 1”:

WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase("01."), [:], FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

Or, is there a method available to iterate through all test cases in a project?

@sdix I split your question into its own topic.

No, there isn’t, but I’m intrigued, why would you need to do this? Is it to do this…

That sounds useful - I can imagine a walker be given a folder id and a notional superCallTestCase could rattle through them all.

(@ThanhTo, what do you think?)

There’s a Dynamic Test Suite (available in KSE only) which allows you to execute test cases with prefix

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@Russ_Thomas and @ThanhTo thanks for the quick replies.

Yes, I was thinking that after a normal test suite report returns failed test cases, we could troubleshoot the failed cases and retry them in a dynamic suite by passing the ordered list of cases to retry in a global variable. I got it working by looping through the list in the suite’s @SetUp and calling test cases there, but only when I know the full names.

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