Call one testcase to another and pass excelsheet data for all the records

Hi All,
I have TC00 and it calls to the TC04 testcase. TC04 testcase calls keywords.
I need to keep data from excel sheet to keywords. I am not getting data from excel sheet which transfer from TC00 to keywords in TC04 Please help me on this

Testcase TC00 code:


Testcase TC04 code:


We can do this by create variables in test-case which is calling another test-case.
Step 1: Create variable in first script.
Step 2: Call first Test-script in second script and create new variable in another scripts.
Step 3: Map the variables of first script to second script.
Step 4: Add the test-case to test-suite and click on show Data Binding.
Step 5: Upload Data-file into Test-data.
Step 6: Map TestData file Columns with the Variable into Variable Bindings Section.