Call a Groovy Script from Test Case (Bdd Parallel testing)

hi Team, There is one requirement, where I need to call a groovy script as one of the step in Test Case ? Can anyone please help me ?

Example: Call “MyLogin.groovy” or “MyLogin.class”


You need to learn about Custom Keywords:

Ok, Here is the problem statement.

Currently, BDD in Katalon doesn’t offer Parallel execution of scenarios/features. we are exploring the interim solution and we found one solution below and create a class for that. It cannot be called through CucumberKW.runWithCucumberRunner(null), but need to be called as another groovy script. Hence, exploring that options of how to call this groovy script or class. Class doesn’t have any methods inside. Just a class…

Katalon is very nice tool with the features, but parallel execution is something we are not able to achieve.

threads = 10,
runLevel = CourgetteRunLevel.SCENARIO,
rerunFailedScenarios = true,
rerunAttempts = 0,
showTestOutput = true,
reportTargetDir = “build”,
cucumberOptions = @CucumberOptions(features = “Include/scripts/groovyInclude/features/TruckingWorker.feature”,glue = “”,plugin = [“pretty”,“json:build/cucumber-report/cucumber.json”,“html:build/cucumber-report/cucumber.html”,“junit:build/cucumber-report/cucumber.xml”],strict = true))
public class CourgetteCucumberRunner1 {

Hi Russ, I have changed the topic and category. thanks for pointing it out. shall wait for anyone to share their views…