Calender handling in katalon for app

In the application there is a date component. In it by default it is showing the current date (as a placeholder value). Now i need to select the date /month/year. Format mm/dd/yyyy
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Pls provide complete steps how to use it in my test case. Also what all be done so the date can be called via excel . Don’t provide links to refer or if providing custom keyword then pls give full detail

Date fields can be handled just like any text field. First create a test object with the following xpath:


Then just use sendKeys() like any input field:

WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘path/to/test/object’), “07/20/2019”)

If you need to clear the existing value first, you can precede this by:


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i have tried using send keys but it is directly clicking to the year part.

Try clearing the existing value first as suggested.

Ok I will try this approach and will let u know

I followed the above approach but it is just changing year part. It is not click ing in the day and then month
Pls advise
The application is developed under jqwidgets

Thanks the approach worked
Firstly I done tabout from previous field using keys.Tab
Then I deleted the existing value using keys.Delete
Finally I entered the date as 11122018
Then it worked
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