Browser offline mode

I want to start the browser connected and then switch it off(offline mode) at a specific moment.

Note that I don´t want to do it manually with the mouse because this is for creating an automated test with Katalon. So I need to be able to send the instruction to go offline somehow with a script.

Is there any way of using Katalon to do that in chrome?

Thanks very much for your help.

First note that there is a difference between Chrome and chrome.

Chrome: A browser from Google.

chrome: The controls that a browser provides (back button, home button, address bar, etc.)

What you are trying to do is manipulate elements inside the browser chrome (on Chrome, I believe). You cannot do that from Katalon’s native WebUI APIs. You may try the Katalon Windows APIs. Start here and look at the menu on the left for Windows Keywords. Note, I have never tried this.

The other thing you could try is the robot class but I’m not sure about that either. These guys may know more: @Brandon_Hein @kazurayam.