Browser Launch Slower From Test Suite

Hi all,

if i run test from test suite, Browser launch slower. But if i run from Test Case File,browser launch faster. Before it, I run from test case and test suite has same speed when launching

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Hey @mohamad_dhicy_ramdha , I’m having the same issue. Do you have Katalon Analytics connected?

It works for me if I disconnect Katalon Analytics.

Would be very helpful to know another solution.

Hi @mohamad_dhicy_ramdha, @elizabeth_g

What KS version are you using?

Hi @duyluong , Version: 6.3.3 ; Build: 11


I confirm the same issue, and it’s working when we disconnect Katalon Analytics. Can any one help please

Thanks Elizabeth! I’ve been having the same issue as Mohamad over the last week. Disconnecting Analytics fixed the problem.

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