Best Way to Test Websites on Mobile?

What is the best way to test websites on Mobile. I am expanding our code coverage from just OSx to mobile and looking into various solutions, one of which I am considering is Kobiton. Another is a local device farm, but I have been running into issues getting iOS devices set up.

I am looking for some Pros/Cons and suggestions on your favorite ways to test a website on mobile devices.

Scenarios would include processing transactions, and clicking through various pages/form fields to select products/plans and finalize purchases. There are a ton of buttons that will be clicked through, lots of screen shots, and a few pop ups that will have to be handled (Such as Terms and Conditions, Signature Fields)

Thanks in Advanced!

@shahin.fard One thing you should also take into consideration is that the mobile web view may not show all the elements that show up on desktop web view. So you would need to be careful in terms of object selectors.

In terms of devices if you want to cover a large number of platforms you should go for a device cloud rather than a local device farm. It is just a headache to maintain local devices in different OS combinations over the longer run.

Also, a best practice is to have the same test case ( code ) for every device/environment.

agreed on Best practices, thank you for confirmation

Is there a Device farm you prefer? @manpreet.mukkar

@shahin.fard I would say BrowserStack or Lamdatest but I have also heard Amazon device farm is a good option too because of there straight forward pricing. I have never seen anyone here using Amazon device farm though.

BrowserStack is a solid tool, but for mobile automation it is SUPER pricey. 6k+ a month to be able to run automation scripts for website testing isn’t feasible.

Yupp its same for almost every cloud device provider but AWS do have fixed pricing with some terms.