Available Actions Missing while recording mobile app

When recording a mobile application using Katalon Studio, I am only seeing a few Available Actions like Tap, Tap and hold, Press Back, ETC. But I do not see any “Swipe”, or “scroll to text”, or the other actions.I can go back after recording and edit them from the test case page under the Item Column. Is there a way to have these important actions under Available Actions while recording an application?

Hi @jishan.alam237,

I think the way you have found of editing the test after recording is the best way for now. I would recommend heading to the Feature/Improvement Suggestions section and submitting a request for this useful feature there.

– Chris

Thanks chris! I just think some scroll/swipe features would be very helpful for mobile testing

Hi @jishan.alam237,

If you don’t mind editing the tests manually after you’ve recorded the majority of your functionality, you can add some scrolling yourself. Here some info on how to do that:

Hope this helps,


Hi Chris,

We came to a scenario where we use the recorder to put text in upper half of the app page. We switched to script and kept the mobile.scrollToText(‘submit’) to go down. Now, how can we continue the recorder from here? Is there a way where we can use recorder for half of the application, script for couple of commands and back to recorder to put text in the other half of the page?

This would help us for multiple screens. Please let us know your opinion.


Hi @savita.patil22,

I think you can do the following to intermix the script editor and recorder:

  1. Open an existing Test Case in the script editor
  2. Start the Mobile Recorder
  3. Perform your actions
  4. Click Stop when you’re done with your steps
  5. Click OK
  6. Save any objects when prompted
  7. Scroll to the bottom of your test file - you will see the new steps added
  8. Copy and paste those steps to the place in your test file where you want them to occur

Hope this helps,


sure Chris I will try that.