Automatisation Standalone App via son DEV MODE

Bonjour la communauté,

Je souhaite automatiser les tests fonctionnels d’uns application standalone et cela via le lien localhost qui redirige vers l’application en Mode Debug.
La contrainte qui existe est que le Dev Mode ne se lance que via la version 41.0.1 de Firefox, alors que Katalon relève une exception quand j’essaye d’exécuter un Test via Firefox.

Est ce que vous avez déjà rencontré ce genre de bug? existe il un contournement?

Merci par avance.

Please, in future, post in English. Merci.

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So, having read through your question, I have this question:

Is this an intranet scenario? Are you starting your test case from localhost (perhaps file: protocol), clicking a link which launches another browser which goes out to http: ?

Could you post a copy of the error/exception you a receiving?

Please read this post and follow the advice:


In attachment, you will find the error reported when I try to launch my test by choosing Firefox.

You need to download the gecko driver for your old Firefox version.


Thank you for your replay, i did it but my TC crush,
Following is the error about SLF4J, i tried to download an old version ok Katalon studio, but i didn’t found the URL to do it.

SLF4J is just a warning message.
The error is “Unable to open browser with url: “””.


Thank you, problem solved.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: